A December Twenty-First Argument

“It’s the Win’er’s Solice today,” Bert Osburned said. “I think. Isn’t it?” He pulled his heavy brows down over his little eyes, a serious frown, which is about the way he made all his proclamations. He wore a wide brim hat and scuffed boots and had been a history teacher at the high school. Since … Continue reading A December Twenty-First Argument

What was the Original Meaning of Skirt? Or do I Mean Shirt?

Sometimes the assumptions behind a good question need a bit of clarifying. It is understood that the question in the link below is asking about how some words slid in meaning between 1967 and 2018; but the response here chooses to look at the more interesting question related to the malleability of language. Lee Robison … Continue reading What was the Original Meaning of Skirt? Or do I Mean Shirt?

Re: the RPD Writeup on ‘Fleek”

Upon reading the tag for the Ragtag word of the day, and after looking at the Urban Dictionary invective referenced therein, I just—JUST—could not resist the following diatribe on one of my fav hobbies-hosses (trying to grave our vocabulary in concrete tombs) which also includes one of my pettest peeves—undervaluing the full, social, historic, and … Continue reading Re: the RPD Writeup on ‘Fleek”