They Begin the Descent into the Ufflands

“It’s the only way,” Evan said. He scanned the steep ice filled chutes and the long steep ridge. “Obviously. But where does it go?” Dorothy had a lot of things she had to be thinking of. Not the least of which was the seed she carried. “Seed of a new mankind,” the old shaman had … Continue reading They Begin the Descent into the Ufflands

Feeding the Grubs at the Feed-the-Hungry Feast

This is a repost of yesterday's post. Writelee could not resist adding the word "grubby," which qualifies for the Ragtag word of the day. "Grubby" should have been put into the original. There are a few other edits. Writelee has a discomfort about this sketch and the whole series that began with "I Only go … Continue reading Feeding the Grubs at the Feed-the-Hungry Feast

On Leaving New Mexico for Civilization

Forgive me, eyes, I’ve scorned the dusky mesas, salmon and orange, miles from anywhere but sky. Forgive me, ears, I’ve shunned that sky closing in, chuckling with thunder and tittering half the night like a crazed old shaman who scatters vermilion and pollen among pottery and whiskey bottle shards in the rocks in the hills. … Continue reading On Leaving New Mexico for Civilization


Ambrosia should have been this dark and bitter potion, not the liqueur of yeasty fruit, not the sparkly cloy that Greek admen teach us gods guzzle in mythy mope. A god's palate has such a pampered tongue— libated with honey of human woe and satiate with the pure chill of heart-brewed sorrow— it should wake … Continue reading Coffee

Answer Correctly and Nobody Listens

When you answer all the wrong questions, they do this to you. They asked, “who was the greatest writer in the Universe?” “I am unaware of any great writers outside this solar system,” I told them. They persisted, “Who is the greatest writer of this solar system,” they said. They caveated this with, “for God’s … Continue reading Answer Correctly and Nobody Listens