On the Trail to Hidden Lake from Logan Pass Visitor’s Center

Waiting for Fireworks at Antietam National Battlefield

Even in Darkness

Butte and Our Lady

Consider the Lilies

A Curse and a Blessing

Sunday Morning, Waiting for Spring!

Black Rags (haiku)

Anything will Say Spring at This Point. (haiku)

Have They Kept the Swallows in Capistrano this Year (haiku)

View from a Hospital Window (haiku)

Religion Explained, or the Fates’ Apology

Love Has No Moon

What You See is What you Hear (Haiku)

A Worry of Stone (Haiku)

In Montana People Do Not Use “Fickle” to Describe the Weather (Haiku: The title is longer than the poem)

Don’t Ask When Winter Ends. Nature Has Its Own Wake-up Astonishments (Haiku: Another case of a longer title)

O, Let Us Sleeve

Across the Tracks from Bozeman

A Weekend King Overlooks His Pastures (Haiku)

Beautiful Morning, Dirty Bird (Haiku)

# 1 (Haiku)

Haiku, Untitled 2

When a Flower Blooms (Haiku)

What One Hears is not About the Magpie (Haiku)

Contemplations on Suburban Day Off Rituals (Haiku)

Looking for Blessings

A Meadow Lark Whistles (Haku)

In Summer Expectancy (Haiku)

The Depth of the Mirror

The Parade Makes a Hard Right into Chaos

All Her Lines (the Artist)

Cataract Surgery

Ruthless Is the Gardener (Haiku)