Have (A Fine Read)

(as in a lot of good poetry, or as in a book of good poetry–either one or both.)

ANSWER: Ask for “Have Poems by Lee Robison” at your favorite bookstore. If they don’t have it in stock, they can order it.  The ISBN is 987-1625493200.

I know it is shelf at:

    • Cabinet Books, Libby, MT.
    • Elk River Books, Livingstone, MT.
    • Kindred Spirits, Sheridan, Mt.
    • Ranks Mercantile, Virginia City, MT.

Or you can order via the web: David Robert Books which has a link to Barns & Noble and Amazon.

For the folk in New Zealand Have may also be ordered through Mightyape, New Zealand.

Folk in Australia can find it at Mightype, Australia.

Have is a narrative exploration of growth from innocence to experience. The poems in this collection examine being and becoming and how men and women seek, and sometimes find, hope and faith in a universe that requites neither.

With poems such as “Irrigator’s Prayer” and “Old Rodeo Man” Robison examines the hard and stubborn American Western Man. But his poetry is hardly limited to the experiences of his Montana upbringing. His “Memorial for Warriors” and “Leaving Troy,” are about the fruitlessness of war; and many of his other poems examine the environmental and ecological emptiness of our time.

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