I have been there; done that. It shows.

Montana has a lot. It also has me–for now.

Anybody out there making paper, give me a ping.

If there is a Home (Big H) to go to, I guess I’m going. If not, I’m not.


Writelee is
has a wonderful soulmate wife (female)
has three wonderful children, thanks wholly to wife
Prefers to go by his middle name
is aged, like cheddar or wine, who cares about the other.

Lives in Montana (with wife, a geriatric yellow lab and a cat)
once lived in Maryland (with wife and kids and a cat)
also lived in New Mexico (with wife and kids most of the time)
and Utah.

Claims somewhat of an education, but can’t find his diploma

Attends church—though you would not know it, as he spends a great deal of time equating Jesus to Mohammad and Krishna.

Is angry that pissheads seem to think God or somebody else is going to reach down and make a pure little paradise out of the Berkeley Pit or the Superfund site we are making of Earth.

Is also pretty angry about pissheads who point fingers at the dispossessed, the vagrant, the refugee, the impoverished, the weak, the frail, the hurt, the injured, the maimed the Mexicans as being responsible for all the woes in the world caused by bombs, guns, school shootings, and smog.

Also angry that pissheads blame these poor souls and guvment because

  • said pissheads lust for enough money to buy a second car, a bigger garage, a country club membership, or blueberry pie at the restaurant after a prime rib dinner with all the trimmings—in short, for everything they desire to keep up with the asshole pisshead next door.

Does not believe people should be referred to as pissheads, but does it anyway—lets off steam.

Sometimes writelee.com will write about these things, sometimes not. Whatever. Enjoy!