It’s a Long Way from Here 

(For Melani, Dru, and Samantha)

to Maryland, Pittsburg, or Mozambique
the eating heart
is famished of.

Love is in December,
its feast of snow
and weary.

Worry is the prevalent breakfast,
and the dial of the sun is careless
of all wanting.

Daunting is coffee, cold
with the unrequited yearn
of waiting.

Late to party my heart
would be a cake sweeter
than not here.

Quite a while since Lee last  posted. And, in this time when we all need a good poem to lift our spirits, what does he do? Loneliness, the emptiness of isolation, the distance from his children,  their joys and lives. It is hoped that he will be forgiven for such a dark heart.

Be safe, stay healthy. [Lee]

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