The Irritating Delation of Irene Jameson

“Irene Jameson is delational!” This was El Du Duboise speaking. So, you can imagine the eye rolls and groans from the rest of us. We were sipping coffee and Chai at Mamma Maria’s Hot Imbibeeri, most of us trying to prop our eyes open enough to proceed into a day of acute observation and rational … Continue reading The Irritating Delation of Irene Jameson

A Post Like a Finger Against the Sky

“There’s something does not like a fence,” Jody muttered. Old Brains, the appaloosa gelding, shifted under him, looked back, shook, and took a step to let Jody know it was an idiot idea to stop now with horse trailer, barn, and saddle-off-the-back was just a mile or two down the way. Jody held him and … Continue reading A Post Like a Finger Against the Sky

A December Twenty-First Argument

“It’s the Win’er’s Solice today,” Bert Osburned said. “I think. Isn’t it?” He pulled his heavy brows down over his little eyes, a serious frown, which is about the way he made all his proclamations. He wore a wide brim hat and scuffed boots and had been a history teacher at the high school. Since … Continue reading A December Twenty-First Argument