“When Great Trees Fall” By Maya Angelou

Again, for today’s Ragtag Community Prompt, I turn to another poet who has spent time thinking about hewn and how the hewing examines precious. This poem by Maya Angelou is less about man’s action in hewing, than it is about the universal hewing that takes all life. In it we hear what we lose when the great is hewn; but she also lets us know that all are greater for the great having been. Lovely poem. I hope all enjoy.

Maya Angelou’s poem “When Great Trees Fall


3 thoughts on ““When Great Trees Fall” By Maya Angelou

  1. I was reminded of so many friends who have lost loved ones this year… and others who face this holiday season with the sorrow of aloneness in the face of divorce or death or relocation. The poem is so poignant. They lived… they existed… we are richer for knowing them. A great message. Thank you, Lee.

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