Dinkum Thief

This Montana boy is dinkum apologetic because "dinkum" does not appear in his poetic aesthetic For, though a dinkum shameless lingual thief, He’s ashamed, as a dinkum fly-over American inlander, (O, let us in dinkum shame be brief) to never have pilfered "dinkum" from any dinkum New Zealander!  

A December Twenty-First Argument

“It’s the Win’er’s Solice today,” Bert Osburned said. “I think. Isn’t it?” He pulled his heavy brows down over his little eyes, a serious frown, which is about the way he made all his proclamations. He wore a wide brim hat and scuffed boots and had been a history teacher at the high school. Since … Continue reading A December Twenty-First Argument

A Man in Search of a Squirrely Dictionary

Most people familiar with the squirrel, think of a bushy tail and backyard bird feeder robbery. The squirrels of most urbanite’s experience nest in trees and scold other people for the most innocuous behavior. They are very territorial and have been known to yell at people for no more apparent reason than that the person … Continue reading A Man in Search of a Squirrely Dictionary