Phil Paints Tighty-Whiteys (Unfortunately)

The first thing Phill Uperdone noticed that early November morning was that yellow was everywhere. The next thing he noticed is that there was no purple. The studio was a vast wash of yellow ocher and cadmium yellow (deep, medium, and pale); there were lemon, Indian, golden and gamboge yellows, and these were smeared, sprayed, … Continue reading Phil Paints Tighty-Whiteys (Unfortunately)

Parallel Means Someday the USA gets more Trumped

The problem with parallel universes is there is no such thing as parallel anything. I mean, just stand in the middle of a Montana highway and look. Two white lines that, up close and personal, look like they are parallel and exactly twenty-five feet apart. But look really, really close and you see that these … Continue reading Parallel Means Someday the USA gets more Trumped