Parallel Means Someday the USA gets more Trumped

The problem with parallel universes is there is no such thing as parallel anything. I mean, just stand in the middle of a Montana highway and look. Two white lines that, up close and personal, look like they are parallel and exactly twenty-five feet apart. But look really, really close and you see that these two lines keep getting closer and closer together the further away they are from you. So, even if you can’t see it, it’s logical. They come together out there somewhere.

Some people say “well, you can draw two lines on paper that are always the same distance apart.” But that doesn’t mean anything. You can do anything on paper. On-paper ain’t the real world. It’s what somebody made up. Look at all those people dising our selected President Trump. Where do they get their information? From newspapers. Newspapers. Papers. All that misinformation about somebody speaking the word of God is on paper. So don’t tell me that if you put a couple of lines on a piece of paper it means anything.

And so the problem with parallel universes is that they eventually cross paths, which could really cause a lot of mess. Just imagine if there was another CNN or CBS out there running off at the mouth along ‘parallel’ to the one you see every night on TV (Note that CBS has BS in it). And then reality sets in and they run into each other. Whoa, Nellie. Two misinformation pervs smashing into each other. It could only double down on misinformation overload and double the number of people trying to convince us the President we elected is an ignoramus and that lines on paper actually describe the world we see.

I’m not saying there isn’t parallel universes, I am just pointing out that we have a problem here. And all this BS about global warming and North Korea and Khloe Kardashian is just a distraction. The real problem is people who want us believe parallel means never coming together. There is where the real conspiracy theories are.

So when Anderson Cooper is spouting about Trump white house chaos, remember that the chaos he is neglecting to tell you is that there is another Anderson Cooper out there about the crash into our universe. And then what have we got, another gay guy lying about Trump and it being OK to be gay.

So he has his reasons for not talking about how all lines come together somewhere.

I’m just sayin’.

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