It Aint Original, but It Is What It Is.

Tantrump (usually a noun, neuter but used to refer to males only; back formed from the verb “to tantrump;” could be adjectivized, adverbed, prepositioned or weaponized)—a large mean souled personage who cheats on wives, employees, customers and other decent people while lying to cover his cheats. Also known for definite archaic racial views that postulate the superiority of certain people based on skin color, hair knappiness, and/or nose configuration or lack thereof. Women are not included in his defined superiority class—regardless of skin color, hair knappiness and/or nose configuration or the lack or presence thereof. Will throw throw hissy tweets at anyone who disagrees with him on anything, but especially on his self-boasted magnificence. This is called a tantrump or tantrumping. This word should be found in a variety of forms including: tantrumple, tantrumplist, tantrumplish, tantrumplest, tantrumpler, fantantrump, tantrumpfan, tantrumpless, detantrump, pretantrump, posttantrump, tantrumpdump unantrump, tantrumpify, etc.

I concede that the Urban Dictionary and others beat me to the term. The Urban Dictionary  has much more sedate and perhaps realistic definitions; but–what the hay. Google it.

The OED is at this very moment searching for examples of first usage and to explicate definitions. I wait with bated breath.



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