A Note on Noteworth and Not

It is notable that a person being born is faced with two simple but very complex choices. Should he/she succumb to his animal impulses to justify him/herself or should she/he rise above self justification work toward justice for all peoplekind?

Examples of the self-justification person is everywhere we look. The guy who justifies killing an elephant because “it’s, like, only one, and it proves how important and powerful I am.” The gal who justifies buying a SUV because she “like, needs it do stuff and and besides it is red and big and. . . .” The President who lies about everyone around him; who betrays the principles of his Nation’s founding to justify his own, “like, large hand” and mean littleness. It is everywhere.

And yet who among us do not partake in this self justification?

Mother Teresa, perhaps; Dr. King perhaps. Probably many others including Jesus, Krishna, God, Mohammad, and the homeless soul who cedes her place in the chow line to a harried mother of four. At least these folk try. They are the notables.

The hunter, the SUVess, the President noted above are the true unnotables. It might be a good idea to unote them as heroes in making yourself notable. But don’t be smug about it. Smugness is also unotable. As I said, it is a simple complexity.

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