A Cur Might be Relative to Your Healer

Megan cured Marcia of her cancer. Marcia cured Ronald of his addiction. Ronald set Veronica’s bone. Veronica healed Rich’s garden. Rich taught Irene how to grow potatoes. Irene feeds about 15 thousand people.


You say the word is cur not cure?

Sorry about that. REST OF THE STORY:

When Megan was three years old and was lost for two days, her only companion was a dog named Tog who was best known as cur and SOB. Tog kept her warm, warded off her fear, showed her where the water was, pulled her out of it when she fell in, and was her friend. So, here is a case of a cur who probably made a cure possible and subsequently fed potatoes to 15 thousand people.

Moral of the story: nobody is a cur and, when you call someone, a SOB mean it in a nice way.


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