Winter is Here

Winter is here,
but it isn’t on the Cape,
hot and clear
seventy-two with patches
of sun, no snow,
the seagulls from Seattle have
moved in and settled to share
the festivities of
krill with wayward
penguins sunbathing on the beach.

Winter is here;
but not on the Cape of Horn,
forties and fifties with rain tomorrow
no snow, and the seals
up from below for a breather
to dine with snowbirds blown
off course to here and
resting before a return to Phoenix.

Winter is here;
but not at Port Author,
forties and rising, rain and raining
no snow, and the Devil’s in the details
when it comes to serving lunch
for Blue Winged Teal come to see
the weather and who prefer
even winter where they’re from
like any good American.

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