On a Trip To Out There

O, the Olly-Prill Fusses, their kiddles and a couple of offset marmosets
were going to go places, so they packed up the freeze-dried and pink lemonade.
They loaded up camp stoves, whimsical gas, and marmalade baugettes.
The tossed in a fridge, a dishwasher, and a rifle—so unafraid.

O, a couple of offset marmosets, the Olly-Prill Fusses and their kiddles
were going somewhere out there, they didn’t care where.
They loaded their van with a package of rubbers, two fruitcakes and four fiddles;
they were going there brave, going there strong, going where on a dare.

O, the kiddles, the offset marmosets, and the Olly-Prill Fusses
were all loaded up, all packed tight, all buckled in and tied down,
kit and kaboodle, all jam-packed into two Volkswagen buses;
and with Olly and Prill at the helms, they bumper to bumpered through town.

So, the Ollyprill Fusses, kiddles, marmosets and all, were goodbyed
by their friends who cheered and teared with smiles and envious grins
which turned, when the Olly-Prill Fusses returned, to snicker and snide.
It seems they had come to the sea, couldn’t get across without fins.

“O you and your envious snickers and snide,” the Fusses replied,
“If the marmoset had packed up the fins we’d be coddiwompling still,
“Our only fault is we hadn’t loaded stuff enough for the ride.
Next time, with nowhere to go, we’ll pack it all in,” said Olly and Prill.

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