Don’t Laugh Until the Chili has Run its Course

Princess Jean made chili with raspberry pie
and ice cream for desert,
then laughed all day at our borborygami.
Until around midnight,
when the rumbles in that yurt

preluded our mad unison flight,
lead by the good Princess Jean,
for the small, one holer latrine.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Laugh Until the Chili has Run its Course

    1. For those of you who do not remember the outhouse, It is a little shack built over a pit in the ground. There is a bench built into one side of the shack with one, two, three, or four holes about the size of a rump (or toilet seat, if you prefer) through which dumps are made into the pit. Hence the reference to one holer, two holer, three. . . etc.

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      1. when we used to go camping where there was no anemities when I was a kic, we used to call the hole we dug the “latrine”. It never was graced with a shack. Could be because my dad was military and “latrine” was like the military word for toilet even when it was a regular building

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