The Losing Champs of the Universe

Of all the animals in this universe, the most ineffective, most inefficient, most diabolically destructive is that monster mankind.

That we know of.

There may be a planet somewhere out there in the nethers of space on which exists a sister species who is using their allotted two-hundred thousand years—give or take a million—to develop a civilization to kill Mohammad Abu Hdaf on December 3, 2017 or Alyssa Alhadeff on February 14, 2018. But human beings have not discovered such a race yet.

And so right now, given the vast number of other children, women, men, dogs, horses, cows, sheep, pigs, Right Whales, Soviet Seas, Bottlenose Dolphins, Black Footed Ferrets, Montana mountains, and rhinoceroses killed in the process of snuffing life from these two potential heroes, being human pretty much sets the bar in defining the championship of the inefficiency game.

Congrats fellow earthling guys and gals. We are the winners at losing!


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