Mary Oddledean Comments on Patience

“The patience,” Mary Oddledean wrote in response to the question on the survey, “is what makes this job so wonderful. It don’t matter who brakes the rules or why, everybody weights quietly and politely until things are sordid out. Even during mock-up evacuations, nobody pushes, or shoves, or screams or swears. Especially, they don’t swear, which shows how pieceful it all is. Even if they are supposed to go first because they are a high-pri, they just stand graceful as polite sheep for their chance to go threw a door. The whole place could be falling in flames around their ears, and they would be like “after you, Alphonso,” or “by all means, you first, Dorothy.” Then they proceed calmly down the walk single file and hang around waiting in the go-to for someone to lead them back in when the evac. is over.

“They are lobots, but what does that matter. They are a grate bunch of patience.”

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