The Sham is a Shame

A little-big white guy shambled into El Paso, Texas, the other day. And all his shams came tumbling after him. He is the President of the United States. According to protocol his purpose was to mourn with and console the living in their hurt after a mass killing. This is what people who are elected to lead do when there are painful times. Not only do they lead in the killing of war, but they lead in the mourning.

But not D.J. Trump. How could he lead mourning here? His preaching against people of color, specifically against Mexicans and Mexican Americans, is so much the center of his shammed and shameful Presidency that his appearance at the El Paso crime scene could be nothing less than a sneer at the people of El Paso. It is a sneer that stretches from his first accusation that Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals, to his constant insistence that there are bad guys on both sides (BTW, this is something he has only said when the killers are white racists), to his basing his justification of a useless border wall on sham rhetoric that El Paso is a crime ridden city.

Unfortunately, this shambling sham, this tiny-little man does not even have the shame or decency to put politics aside during a time of mourning and grief. He just had to take a jab—a racially explosive one at that—at El Paso’s native son, Beto O’Rourke. Here’s the tweet:

D.J. Trump made this comment on the night before he traveled to O’Rourke’s home town–a town with Hispanic citizens he has repeatedly insulted for his hateful political purposes, a town, both white and colored, that he has specifically insulted for his hateful political purposes, a town that is home to thousands of people of various hues and ethnicities who are so comfortable rubbing shoulders with people of Hispanic heritage that they nick-name a guy with an Irish surname “Beto”. This minute speck of a big guy tweets this snipe at a political rival as he prepares for a trip to that rival’s home town where he supposedly will attempt to show he leads a National mourn.

He should have been on his knees asking El Paso to forgive him for spewing the hate made floors bloody in an El Paso Walmart.

Such a sham. Such a shame.

I hide my face.

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