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In the USA, today is the day when people finally come to their senses and give express gratitude for all the wonder the Universe has given them. So WriteLee joins the chorus.

He is grateful for many things, chief among these things are three wonderful children, a wife he does not deserve, and the capacity to know the joy of white topped mountains, the golden shine  of light on water, the winnowed grass whishing in wind, the sweet odor of cattle and winter hay from the hay yard, the clatter of winter willows along the canal.

But Writelee is also grateful for your clicks.

The WriteLee enjoys making stuff up. He enjoys the play of the tongue this blog affords him. And he enjoys other people enjoying what he makes up and his occasional slip of the tongue.

It is true that fame, fortune, money, wild women, fine horses, limousines by the parking lot full (and chauffeurs to chauffeur them) would be wonderful rewards for writing the nonsense that appears on An annual migration to the South of France would also be nice. But, face it, Writelee is not getting any of those things. So he is grateful for what he does have: family and friends, and knowing that there are a few who are entertained, enlightened, and enjoyed by this occasional blog.

It is enough.

Wild women and chauffeured limousines would just ruin the damned fool anyway. 

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