It Just isn’t that Simple

This morning was a morning dedicated (outside the ceremony of the usual poetry and fiction of to addressing a question found on Quora. Here is the Question:Why is being politically correct desirable (or is it)? found at:

Here is this morning’s response:

There is something that bothers me about this question. Perhaps this it because it supposes there are ‘rules’ of behavior that cover every human interaction. Perhaps it is because the Q appears to toss around a loaded term as if it were not nitro glycerin. Whatever it is, I am not about to tell anybody whether PC is desirable. Instead, let me tell you what I think is desirable in any interaction involving a complex society such as exists when more than three human beings walking into a bar.

These include but are not limited to :

  • Decency (without worrying about (or perhaps even noticing) whether the barista is or is not “over exposing” her/him/her-himself).
  • Honesty (ameliorated by a hefty dose of story telling, of course).
  • Compassion (freshly adjusted where necessary to accommodate sarcasm directed toward a racist fool).
  • Empathy (unadjusted, freshly or otherwise, even as relates to the goddamned racist fool).
  • Humor (Also unadjusted—see “Honesty,” though compassion and empathy might be accommodated. I am not sure about decency as relates to humor).

All of this and more contained within a practiced moral and ethical self.

So you see how complex what is desirable becomes. It can hardly be encapsulated within a trite and untruing term like “pc.”

Also, it helps to buy a round of beer (or root beer) once in a while.

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