“S” is for Slipper not Heels

I handle names with my on-the-fly mnemonics.

In this case I start with the “S” is for ‘Slipper’, and she is not wearing slippers but heels–deep heels, four inches probably. Then, “U” is for ‘us’ although we are not “us,” but just her and me being introduced to one another by my wife. Then “S” again, ‘two slippers,’ not heels. Maybe no heels, no slippers, shoes off! Then “A” for ‘Anne’; Anne is a mutual friend whose party we are attending, a party at which there are also Andrea (across the room), Aileen (at the wine table, naturally) and Allison, my wife (right between S-is-for-slipper and me). Finally “N” for ‘not’ or maybe ‘naught,’ as in “naughty,” as in “you are married, fool.”

“What a lovely thought,” she says, which means absolutely nothing, but is apparently related to something my wife has said.

“Yes, yes, nice thought, isn’t it,” I mutter.

By this time my wife is dragging me toward the canapé table.

“Nice to meet you, Susan,” I stutter over my shoulder. I am thinking, Perhaps we can meet in a lonelier place sans slipper, heels, shoes–whatever. Just us, sans Anne, sans Andrea, sans Alison, and I realize this mneme is getting naughty.<

“Her name is Sandra,” Alison says.

The canapés are terrible.

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