Poetry in the Days of Corvid-19

In these days of Corvid-19, the poet finds heisself even more isolated than usual. The garret becomes a cell. The muse, a Siren, a witch call, an emptiness. For those, especially, who enjoy sharing their music, this is a torture. Poets are social beings too!

So it is with great pleasure that Lee finds himself invited to join virtual hands with his friends at the Hyattstown Mill Arts Project in Hyattstown Maryland in a virtual open mic. Anyone interested in forty minutes of pretty decent poetry, including Lee’s few minutes at the mic, can join us on Saturday at 7:30PM Eastern Standard Time (US) at the Virtual Poetry Open Mic Sponsored by the Hyattstown Mill Arts Project. Host of the session is Luther Jett, a fine poet from Gaithersburg, Maryland.

This will be a live performance, so adjust time to your zone.
The logon information is:
Meeting ID: 259 638 189
Password: 007076

You may be asked to download the ZOOM conferencing app in order to access the conference. After doing so, you should be directed straight to the meeting and asked to enter the meeting ID (259 638 189) and password (007076). Be flexible. When I joined our practice run, I was sent straight to the practice meeting without password or ID.

The audience is asked to please mute your session once you are on the meeting, so that your white noise is not part of the open mic. Come and enjoy from your particular isolation chamber.

Lee Robsion
Have a good read
Read Have!

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