On Leaving New Mexico for Civilization

Forgive me, eyes, I’ve scorned the dusky mesas,
salmon and orange, miles
from anywhere but sky.

Forgive me, ears, I’ve shunned that sky
closing in, chuckling with thunder
and tittering half the night like a crazed old shaman
who scatters vermilion and pollen among pottery
and whiskey bottle shards in the rocks in the hills.

Forgive me, feet, I’ve smirked when he danced at dawn,
sodden-hobbled in grass wetted flat,
mixing green yellow and flame.
For doesn’t his stagger open the sky!

Forgive me, blood,
for in this auditorium dark,

how may my daughter’s sober toes,
trained on polished floors—leap

though they might with my pulse—
make a morning sun rise?

“On Leaving New Mexico for Civilization” is included in Lee Robison’s collection Have, which will be published in Fall 2019. It first appeared, in a slightly different form, in Lee’s first book Dazed Part of Light, which is available through Amazon.

4 thoughts on “On Leaving New Mexico for Civilization

    1. Gizzy, I made the following reply to another comment on this piece. I want to share it with you.
      This series has gotten out of hand. WriteLee has created a sympathetic character who has no ‘firm foundation’. It bothers me that the wholeness of Chi’s situation and the situation of all his friends is purely and simply fantastical.
      And yet. And yet.
      It cannot be stopped. If people like Chi exist even as only a bunch of words on a screen, then perhaps there is hope. It is sort of like unicorns–as long as we have that word and the picture it conjures, we have the joy.
      Thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are very welcome. There is hope. And there is joy. Trust me, I’m a lawyer…….(couldn’t resist. Just couldn’t! With hope and joy come the giggles!)


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