Star Hunter

We venture to catch the stars. She has what it takes to dare—
courage, camera and will to challenge winter night.
I carry light she doesn’t need, except to set her snare.

We march, father squire to his daughter’s knight.
Snow is pale under dappled sky and creaks as we walk;
our breath wisps away, frosts and shimmers in the light.

She tells the method of her hunt, how to set a snare sure
to catch shining fragments from the distant darkness of our universe,
all in words familiar, but in a grammar sensible just to her.

We find a dark ground for our star-hunt stalk,
the only other shine, the frail light I hold for her.
With cold-numb touch she tweaks her net and sets the cock.

Then comes, as in all hunts come, the hunters’ hardest curse
to wait, and sit, and freeze in some coldest frozen furrow’s crease
until celestial game ennoble our hero hunter’s purse

with treasured shine from chilly time beyond cease.
How rich to sit by our fire, in weather much less adverse,
and through a window admire the winter night and converse
about our photo-quary stars, which capture did not decrease.

“Star Hunter” appears in Have by Lee Robison. Have is currently in manuscript form, but is scheduled for publication in November 2019. In response to the daily prompt stellar.

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