A Neighbor, a Bull, Some Purebred Cows, and a Dilapidated Fence.

This morning Archie Dwiddlen was retrospecting about some of our old neighbors. It seems Alden and Issac were neighbors with a fence between them. There was a some confusion about who should maintain the fence. Alden was pretty sure it was Issac’s potion of the fence that Alden’s mongrel angus bull was sneaking through to … Continue reading A Neighbor, a Bull, Some Purebred Cows, and a Dilapidated Fence.

A Word Jeffry will Never Forget

When I was fifteen or so, I was all thumbs, mumbled stutters, and longing gazes. One day our English Teacher, Mrs. BrainBury—that’s right she capitalized both Bs—chose to use these personality traits as an example during the “vocabulary minute” with which she started every class. She chose one other person to help illustrate. This was … Continue reading A Word Jeffry will Never Forget

It Just isn’t that Simple

This morning was a morning dedicated (outside the ceremony of the usual poetry and fiction of writelee.com) to addressing a question found on Quora. Here is the Question:Why is being politically correct desirable (or is it)? found at: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-being-politically-correct-desirable-or-is-it Here is this morning's response: There is something that bothers me about this question. Perhaps this … Continue reading It Just isn’t that Simple