Jesus Deathkiller

Jesus Deathkiller,
God’s Lifer, Earth Rover, Gift:

Be sure,
in your name and our hope,
we set these feet
where they will go, these hands
why they will touch, these lips
how they will linger at the proxy cup.

Be sure.
Our mouths mix
no sugar or saccharine
with this alter loaf, and we know
our mean aching has not touched
the harrow that raked you back
to Presence. We live with this
in grace.

And be sure.
Yearning’s furrow frowns
our mortal brow and bounds our fleeting
plod of the Raker’s earth.

And know.
We find hope
in that holy void where
your joy raged,
a doomed son’s spurned heart raging



An uncertainty exists as to whether one should post this poem. It comes from another time. Yet, one still goes back to it, still reads its. And it has been included in Lee Robison’s manuscript, Have, and was included as the last poem (under the title “Sacrament Hymn”) in his Dazed Part of Light, which was vanitied in 1999. 

The manuscript Have has been accepted by WordTech Communications for publication under their  David Roberts Books imprint. We are currently working on a release date sometime in the fall of 2019.

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