Wonder is not a True Word!

Wonder is not a true word. There are words the Gods made, and there are words man made up. Gods made words like ‘grass’ and ‘winter’ and ‘cold,’ words like ‘climb’ and ‘mountain’ and ‘snow’ and ‘star,’ even words like “love.” But, then on the sixth day, They also made man, and man had to make up words to explain his inability to express how he responded to God’s grass laying wind-flat and shiny in the sun, how to explain what he could not say about white crowns of mountains, with blizzard snow feathering off them or about rivers edged with ice and ice blue under a cerulean sky. And so man made up words like “wonder” and “gorgeous,” and “lovely,” and “beautiful.” The Gods have not understood a goddamned thing that man has said since then.

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