You want Uncompromising!? I give you a Montana blizzard.

The wind gusts out of the north at anywhere between bend-willows-to-the-ground and snap-cottonwoods-in-half, with a resting blow of flat-out-vicious. Whether it is snowing or not is hard to tell, but there is snow in the air, moving horizontally over bent-flat willows and busted cottonwood groves, and settling occasionally into great snow dunes the size of small mountains. It isn’t really that cold by Antartican standards, but this is Montana, and it is Montana cold with wind-chilled hovering between make-it-to-the-barn-before-frost-bite and open-the-door-and-die, depending on whether bent willows or busted cottonwoods are the situation of the minute.

Welcome to Montana where the only compromise the weather makes is none.

2 thoughts on “You want Uncompromising!? I give you a Montana blizzard.

    1. This poem is a nod to other winters, when as a boy I walked uphill a mile both ways in the snow, against the wind, to the school bus.

      This winter, this small part of the Colonies has been almost snow free. Still there is the wind. The constant, incessant, not-whistling-Dixie, wind.

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