Consider the Lilies

How mountains are stars,
the way a willow kisses rock—
so fit your thought.

How the air has no need of wing,
nor water riffle, a fin—
so reach your stride.

Before saints sing Ohmmm
before even the teaching of stone—
so tell your voice.

Under mole dew,
aquifer of worms—
here litter your am.

Simplify, Simplify

6 thoughts on “Consider the Lilies

    1. November 9, 2016, I learned that words are effective weapons to be used and used up and made into whatever we damned well please to make them. having a fool elected President was one of the most devasting–made up word here–and yet one of the most freedoming events of my long and banal life.

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      1. At least he did some good – if only inadvertently, although I doubt he’s the reason why you”re such an amazing writer.
        I’ve got to tell you – the first post I read of yours was the one about the hungry guy who only had eighteen cents. I began reading your other posts to find out whether you were homeless, then I got hooked.

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