A Fine Day for Not

So I woke up and nothing but nothing fit into place the cabbage was eating spam from a plastic dish on the kitchen counter and all the bananas in the barb wire cage were singing praises to the ALL MIGHTY in Latin of course then Rutabaga Sillycone called me from a pay phone which I believe is endangered if not extinct saying that the lemmings had escaped and were invading hyperspace and the internet was down to which I paid scant attention this being after all Rutabaga Sillycone but he would not would not shut up and it must have been hours before the potato peeled its eyes, winked, took the phone and shut it off and went back to dancing with the owl that had just flown in from the Continental Divide all this while I am waking up mind you and I said o the hell with it and closed my eyes again let us hope not for the last time.

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